Storing your ski at Oceana

How to apply

There is a waiting list and spots are allocated on 1st come 1st serve basis. We have 20ft and 40ft containers and each type has a waiting list and what ski type you have will determine which container you will be allocated. Please complete the form below to be added to the waiting list.

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Container keys

The locks for the containers have been changed. If you are all paid up then you can collect a key for your container from the OPBC office between 8 am and 4pm. There is a list of paid up members to be checked off.

Rack Allocation

You are NOT allocated an exact spot, rather just rack space. The committee can move ski’s around to improve storage efficiency. Ski’s that are not used often will be moved up to the higher racks. Regular paddlers will benefit from easier to access racks.

Activity Clause to qualify to keep your rack

The containers are NOT cheap storage spots. They are convenience racks so that regular paddlers do not have to load ski’s every time they want to paddle. In the near future we will be introducing an activity clause. If you want to keep your rack please join us for a paddle from time to time. Currently we have a large number of ski’s that are never used and we are looking to address the issue.

Ski’s that are not used will be moved to higher racks and ultimately will not have their storage privileges renewed regardless of whether storage fees are paid or not. The waiting list for active paddlers looking for storage for their ski’s is long. Inactive paddlers are stifling the growth of the club by taking up valuable storage space. If you have not paddled for a year consider selling your ski to one of the new paddlers who are keen to get going.

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