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Long Course Surfski Results of the 2017 Summer Series Race

MENS - LONG [16KM]    
15Kenny RiceSenior01:19:33
234Laousse YannickSenior01:21:35
351Pelizza NoeJunior01:22:09
441Dominic NottenSenior01:22:14
547Graeme SolomonVeteran01:22:18
638Jayden LeetsSenior01:23:05
72Ian BlackSenior01:23:14
86Shanti StewartSenior01:23:28
946Uli HartJunior01:27:19
1021Ian TrautmannVeteran01:29:55
1144Phillip SmithSenior01:29:57
128Ernest Van RietSenior01:30:07
137Zachery PreyserJunior01:31:51
143John StandleySenior01:34:40
1540Gavin WhiteSenior01:34:54
1619Crispin ThompsonVeteran01:36:50
1717Richard MuddSenior01:38:45
1810Daniel JacobsJunior01:40:29
1928Ant LakeSenior01:40:47
2029Rob MoodyMaster01:42:25
219Mark PreenMaster01:42:56
2257Dale JacksonSenior01:42:56
234Jamie JacobsonJunior01:45:27
241Gary KroukampVeteran01:48:02
2543Michael ThorpeVeteran01:59:40
2631Marco ZumptVeteran02:05:31
na12Dirk LumppMasterDNF
na13Terrence WardVeteranDNF
na22Gary PeplerGrand MasterDNF
na23Chase HydeSeniorDNF
na25Joe MullerSeniorDNF
na42Thoman ActmanMasterDNF
na45Anders HartJuniorDNF
na49Case BakkerSeniorDNF
na53Anthony BownVeteranDNF
na58Andrew DuttonSeniorDNF
na59Roger HawkinsMasterDNF
WOMENS - LONG [16KM]    
126Bianca BeavittSenior01:35:46
na15Robyn HendersonVeteranDNF
na39Angie AustinSeniorDNF
136Eugene V.D. Westhuizen & Rick DamanMens Double01:21:17
255Sean Rice & Mark TowillMens Double01:21:38
320Michael Schwan & Richard AllenMens Double01:22:18
452Scheepers Schoeman & Anthony WostenholmMens Double01:23:47
535Daryll Leach & MurryMens Double01:38:41
654Graham Maddock & Justin MaddockMens Double01:40:35
na32Peter Cole & Wendren SetzerMixed DoubleDNF
na11Wayne Knutsen & Gareth PinkneyMens DoubleDNF
na27Fred Cresswell & Heather CresswellMixed DoubleDNS

Short Course Results

SHORT [7KM]    
116Harry LakeSeniorMale
248Mike LavarackSeniorMale
350Jessic PollockSeniorFemale
418Tim De SouzaSeniorMale
556Roland BaaschSeniorMale
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