Oceana’s Big Race

Race the best along the most beautiful coastline in the world! 26th November 9 am

Registration starts at 8 am.

The Challenge runs from the Oceana Power Boat Club.

2 Course options. 

The long course is 16km of paddling along arguably the most beautiful coastline is South Africa. From Oceana you will paddle the length of the Sea Point Reviera to Clifton 4th beach. Run around a flag on the beach and head out to sea around Fisherman’s Rock, onto Barkers Rock and home.

The 7 km Short course runs from Oceana to 3 Anchor bay and back.

How to enter

the Oceana Surfski Challenge

The Dice is run entirely by volunteers who prefer paddling to handling admin.  This year we are moving everything online. It is super simple. Here is what you have to do.

  • Complete the online registration

    Register online before Sunday / Check-in before 9 am

  • Pay using Snap Scan

    Snap Scan is easy. Install the app on your phone, load your credit card and pay by scanning the code on the registration form. Mail us if Snap Scan is simply not an option for you

  • Accept the risks

    Sign the indemnity waiver by checking the box on the registration form

  • Have the safety equipment

    PFD, leash and phone are compulsory

The Oceana Surfski Challenge

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