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Surfski is an amazing sport. But it is not easy knowing which boat to buy or which paddle to choose. We can help.


How do I enter and pay for the Thursday dice?

You can enter and pay online via the weekly dice section.http://oceanasurfski.co.za/weekly-dice

You can also enter and pay at the dice. eg opens at 17h00 and closes at 17h45

How do I get storage space for my ski at Oceana?

There is a waiting list and spots are allocated on 1st come 1st serve basis. We have 20ft and 40ft containers and each type has a waiting list and what ski type you have will determine which container you will be allocated. Complete the contact form on this page and include what type of ski or you have and the number of ski’s you want to store.

The containers are NOT cheap storage spots. They are convenience racks so that regular paddlers do not have to load ski’s every time they want to paddle. In the near future we will be introducing an activity clause, so if you want to keep your rack please join us for a paddle from time to time.

You are NOT allocated a spot, rather just rack space. The committee can move ski’s around to improve storage efficiency. Ski’s that are not used often will be moved up to the higher racks. Regular paddlers will benefit from easier to access racks.

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